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After finishing up my morning walk, I picked up my mail and one of the mail pieces was my mortgage bill.  I looked at it and I saw I had 7/8 more years to pay my mortgage off.  I said “God, can I pay this off in a year instead of 7?”  I sensed the Lord said “Yes, but it will take sacrifice, a plan and a goal.

So, then I heard about the dFree class that was being offered at my church.  That became my plan.  Dfree gave me a “how to do it” strategy and it validated the goal date.  So, beginning January 2017, I saved so much a month that I was committed to not touching for 12 months unless it was a dire emergency.

So, each week I followed the class instructions/suggestions.

I shared my plan with 5 people. These individuals were excited for me and very encouraging.  These were people I could trust, and they would not take my plan and see it to get some money from me for their situations.

The other word I heard God speak to me was Focus—stay focused.  I understood that later because things could trigger (there was a section in class about triggers) me to keep from being focused. Things like:

  • I had a bad day at work because someone irritated me. Trigger: I am going shopping.
  • A family member was being put out of their condo and you have helped them before….7 times (7 is the number for completion) and they are months behind in their rent. Trigger: You are selfish and cruel if you don’t help.
  • Your live-in family member not helping you with something in the home. Trigger: I need a me day.

And the list can go on and on.  So God speaking “focus” to me became clear.

There were affirmations in the book that we were to repeat, and one jumped off the page at me and I wrote it down and tacked it to my bathroom mirror, so I could see it every morning and repeat it, but I made it personal.  The workbook (page 27 in my copy) said:

There is power in waiting for what you want.  You can change the way you think about your wants and needs.  It is not too late for you to get started on improving your financial status. 

But I personalized it….and I would repeat the following:

There is power in waiting for what I want.  I can change the way I think about my wants and needs.  It is not too late for me to get started on improving my financial status. 

It was like that statement pulled me and pushed me to my goal.  Another statement that I held onto was:

Debt makes you vulnerable. 

I did not want to be vulnerable. I wanted to be in control and be able to say no to the terms if I did not like them. Dfree gives you that power.

So, in October 2017, I paid off my mortgage (Hallelujah, thank you Lord) and before I could see the extra money in my account I did the following:

  • I took the “freed up” mortgage money and divided it up between a savings account and an emergency fund. I didn’t see it as more money to spend like I did when I paid my car off.

After paying off the mortgage, I targeted the New Year (2018) as the time to set up my 3 accounts that the book speaks about:

  • Savings
  • Long-Term Savings (Retirement) and
  • Emergency Fund

Those are all set up.  For my protection—one account does not have a debit card nor checks—making the money not easily accessible.

Emergency fund—took the debit card out of my purse so I can not so easily use it.  I have a financial goal set for that account.

My regular savings account—I wait until the end of the year, see the overage (I like to keep a certain amount in that account) and then I move the overage to my investment accounts.

I continue to treat my credit cards like an American Express—pay them off when the bill comes. My credit score is now above 800 and I continue to strive for higher.

I am an advocate of the dfree class and will hopefully be enrolling a family member and a co-worker in the class when my church (Galilee Baptist Church, Suitland, MD; Pastor: Dr. Lloyd T. McGriff) offers it again in September 2018.

PS…some of the principles and tips from dFree, I am using in my diet and exercise plan….focus; triggers, etc….so the benefits are enormous…LOL

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Rose Butts


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