December 28, 2018 by Tamika Stembridge

Time Flies…

Well, 2018, it’s been real.

…really busy, really fast, really productive, and really really enlightening.

While we prepare to take a deep breath, and prayerfully spend time with family and friends to celebrate the holiday season, I encourage you to pause, reflect, and consider setting your own personal pace for the new year.

It is very easy to run when everyone and everything seems to be running. But I’ve experienced the most success when I’ve approached my life with a flow that matched the demands of my goals for the season.

Aggressive goals, like paying off something before tax time or securing a new client by the spring will require a more aggressive pace.

Losing 50 pounds (and sustaining the weight loss) will require a more steady, long term approach.

Meanwhile, understanding the goals for your job or your business will require you to pace your workload and flow accordingly.

While time does fly, you don’t have to run to catch it.

There will be periods of running, walking, waiting, and resting depending on what you’re doing at each moment of each season, even down to the day, of the year.

But it starts with setting the goal, setting the pace, doing the work, and then prayerfully seeing the fruits of your labor.

Best wishes for a joyous holiday season!

See you all next year!

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