July 25, 2018 by Dfree Admin



I’ve spent the last few weekends cleaning my home, organizing my closet, and testing out summer-ready hairstyles. Although I wish it were in anticipation of some island getaway, I am excited that all of these pre-Summer formalities are actually in preparation for a super cool summer AT HOME!

I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with a slew of financial tools and tips…

Pay yourself first. Get a side-hustle. Plan for the Future. Buy some insurance. Get your credit together. Track your spending. Give back!

This summer, I am lightening my load and gathering for the winters to come, instead of packing for pricey getaways, booking brunches, or hopping happy hours. I know this may sound like a recipe for a ‘Cruel Summer’, but I promise you I’m about to have a ball, and I hope you’ll join me. Here’s how:

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