November 4, 2019 by Dfree Admin

Revolutionary Financial Freedom Movement Releases All-New Supplement Book for Black Millennials in Midst of Student Loan Crisis


New ‘Your dfree® for Young Adults’ to Serve as a Roadmap to Financial Health and Wellness, Available Now


In its new supplemental guide for young adults, available now, dfree® provides concrete, laser-focused strategy for Black Millennials to avoid and rid themselves of invasive consumer debt and become financially empowered. dfree® is a transformational lifestyle movement that promotes financial freedom through value-based principles and practical approaches to financial management. It was founded by pioneer of faith-based economics, Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., who is a pastor, community developer, civil rights advocate, husband, father and served in state and federal government. With a proven track record, dfree® has unprecedently assisted more than 10,000 individuals, of all ages, in paying down nearly $23 million in debt.


“In general, finances are something that are too rarely discussed, especially in the black community. It’s unacceptable,” said Soaries. “When you think about how Millennials were raised with parents sacrificing so much so they could be spoiled with luxuries, even when living in their parents’ homes, Millennials today are some of the most broke and lacking in knowledge about how to find and maintain financial freedom.”


According to Nielsen, Black Millennials have $162 billion in buying power and cultural influence like no other. However, based on a recent Forbes report, Millennials have $497.6 billion in outstanding student loan debt for this year alone.


dfree® understands many young adults have chosen a different adult lifestyle than previous generations. Although young adults are technically savvy, when it comes to financial management, many are in debt, delinquent and living in deficit. Many young adults feel they have not been provided with the information they need to make good financial decisions. However, financial awareness, at the most basic level, is crucial to living a life free of financial bondage. The ‘Your dfree® for Young Adults’ supplement details:


  • Credit
  • Spending
  • Goal Setting and Saving
  • Budgeting
  • Banking and Alternative Financial Services
  • Entrepreneurship, and more!


Your dfree® for Young Adults’ is the newest release from dfree®. The core dfree® books, Say Yes to No Debt book and workbook, were written by Soaries, who drew upon his experience as a pastor, public policymaker, community leader and former debtor to create a movement that everyone can join.


‘Your dfree®’ is a series of supplemental guides to compliment the ‘Say Yes to No Debt’ book. Each supplement addresses the particular circumstances, common issues, and concerns facing particular audiences. These supplements may be used as stand-alone tools and/or as companion guides to the dfree® Lifestyle 12-Step Curriculum. The organization also has supplements for entrepreneurs and senior citizens, with more to come in 2020.


Available now on Amazon for $17.95 each, the ‘Your dfree® for Young Adults’ supplement will launch at events nationwide this month including Karleen Roy’s ‘Owning the Block’ event in Memphis, Morgan State University and at Prudential’s Legacy Lives On private documentary screening in Atlanta.

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