June 4, 2020 by Administrator

Why has the George Floyd incident inspired such a widespread response? Will this crisis end by bringing us closer together or tearing us further apart? And as we witness a massive lack of social distancing during these protests, will we see a corresponding recurrence of covid-19 as we prepare to reopen? Former New Jersey Secretary of State and Baptist pastor Deforest Soaries Jr. shares his perspective on the nationwide protests playing out against the backdrop of the pandemic.

A vaccine could be ready by Fall pending FDA approval. Will it be safe and effective? Will it be made readily available to everyone? And who’ll decide who gets priority access? And will there be treatments for everyone else? While there are currently no approved therapies, there is plenty of controversy and misinformation surrounding drug therapies and treatment. Tonight, a former FDA official named one of the 300 “most powerful people in American healthcare” by Modern Healthcare Magazine weighs in on our safety as the city readies to reopen for business.

Aired on June 3, 2020. Full video here

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