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Global Financial Freedom Movement to Debut All-New Black Women-Centered Talk Show Web Series; Living dfree® with Tamika Talks Premieres June 11

Show to Offer Sisterly Support and Help Black Women Live Their Best Financial Lives

Today, Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr. and the dfree® Financial Freedom Movement announced its plans to premiere an all-new talk show web series tailored specifically for women, Living dfree® with Tamika Talks. The show will premiere on the organization’s YouTube channel – mydfree, on Tuesday, June 11, at 8pmEST. dfree® is a values-based, wealth-building system designed specifically with the black community in mind.

Living dfree® with Tamika Talks, hosted by the movement’s executive director, Tamika Stembridge, Esq., focuses on helping women at all stages of life live authentic, financially free lives. This unique show speaks specifically to black women about money, while celebrating their strength and honing the importance of financial empowerment.

“Black women are often the nucleus of family, work and culture. This show aids as a reminder of how powerful we are while giving women the tools we need go to the next level and sprinkle #BlackGirlMagic even more,” said Stembridge, who happens to be an entertainment attorney, strategic consultant and manager by trade. “I am a proud graduate of Spelman College so I have been rooting for us for such a long time and this show couldn’t have come at a better time.”

According to a 2017 Nielsen report, despite making up only 14 percent of the country’s female population, the roughly 24.3 million black women are trendsetters and brand loyalists who play a vital role in influencing mainstream culture in fashion, beauty, television, music and civil engagement for women of all races. Living dfree® with Tamika Talks serves as a reminder to all black women of this greatness by focusing on their success, staying spiritually grounded, and remaining focused on their life’s work, all while living a financially fabulous life while doing so.

“The cultural influence of black women is insurmountable,” said Soaries, CEO & Founder of dfree®. “It’s no surprise that more often than not black women control household finances. We simply want to empower them to do it more effectively.”

Living dfree® with Tamika Talks explores topics from the quarterly dfree® e-magazine, Living dfree®, and includes influencer interviews and tools for everyday women who are ready to build and maintain a secure future and join a continual sisters’ conversation.

Living dfree® with Tamika Talks includes a season of 7 episodes and will air bi-monthly exclusively on dfree®’s YouTube channel – mydfree. The show premieres Tuesday, June 11 at 8pmEST.

In addition to the show, there is also a Tamika Talks Billon Dollar Challenge (BDC) group. BDC, the marquee initiative of dfree®, is a fun, free, online interactive competitive tool that aids African Americans in paying down $1 billion of consumer debt by 2020. Through this tool, users have already paid down more than $20 million. Moreover, viewers can also look forward to the Tamika Talks Facebook group for a safe space to talk money matters, stay updated about the show, get exclusive access to dfree® webinars and events, and learn new tips.

For more information, please visit and follow dfree® on social media – @mydfree. To join the Tamika Talks Billion Dollar Challenge group, sign up at

About dfree® Financial Freedom Movement:

As the only faith-based, wealth-building system specifically designed with the black community in mind, dfree® delivers access to financial freedom. dfree® uses a variety of tools to educate, motivate and support people who make the choice to achieve and sustain financial freedom. dfree® began as a faith-based initiative to help stem an epidemic of overspending, particularly in the African-American community. dfree® has grown into a movement that gives participants the: ability to handle their own financial responsibilities; willingness to help others do the same; and, capacity to leave assets for future generations.

In the tradition of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., dfree® also is a movement to help achieve economic justice in America. Rev. Dr. King once said, “We must never let it be said that we spend more for the evanescent and ephemeral than for the eternal values of freedom and justice.” dfree® emphasizes controlling money matters so that individuals have the freedom to focus on more purposeful pursuits.

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