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Hey there dfree® Family,

Welcome back to Tamika Talks!, my monthly check-in where you’ll get my thoughts on free and full living, of course from a dfree® perspective!

I am beyond excited to write this month because I get to “play adult” and share everything I was told but wish I had paid attention to while “getting grown!” This month’s message is dedicated to the “the kids”…the millennials, the generation Z’ers, the young people that I love dearly and pray for regularly. You truly are the future. And trust me, even if it doesn’t feel like it now, LIFE COMES AT YOU FAST…and the “future” really is NOW!

Here goes…

So, I was in the gym a few weeks ago…trying to reclaim my body while maximizing my time. As I hit the incline and increased the speed on my treadmill, an older woman took the machine right next to me. (Sidebar: This kind of behavior is not okay. Gym culture says that if there are 100 machines, there must be at least one space between people! I digress…)

This woman, noticeably near senior citizen status, walked for a few paces and steadily increased her speed until she was full-on running. Now I applaud the way seniors get down in the gym, but in this particular case, I was super concerned. Not only was she breathing heavily, but she was also sweating profusely, and seemed to be losing her grip on the handrails and her steps on the conveyor belt. I was scared for her life!

And then it hit me…my blog topic for this special occasion, dfree® Young Money Month (Visit Here to learn more!)


For the first 16-18 years of our lives, we are (prayerfully) sheltered, shielded, and shepherded through life…cared for, loved, nurtured, disciplined, defined, and directed by our parents, guardians, teachers, mentors, older siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles …everybody! Only to be released into the world at around age 18; finally, FREE with adulthood on the horizon and childhood desires in tow.

If you’re anything like I was at 18, your priorities became fulfilling the laundry list of things you dreamt of as a child. I’m not just talking material things. I mean everything from your dream job, to your dream apartment/home, to your dream lifestyle, your dream significant other, your dream adult relationship with your parents/friends/family/etc., to your dream car, wardrobe, and way of life, generally. I get it…you’ve been building this vision of “adulthood” for a whole 18 years. You can see it clearly. And just like you’ve been told your entire 18-year-old life, you go out and pursue your “dreams” with all your might.

The challenge is, many of us were encouraged to dream without being properly educated on managing the costs (and benefits) of our dreams…particularly the dollars and cents of fulfilling your dreams. And though Meek is free now, he was clear that Dreams And Nightmares do co-exist, and could easily be two sides of the same coin, literally.

Our desires are endless. And as noble as your goals may be, pursuing your dreams, at all costs, is a sure-fire way to set yourself up to constantly be behind.

Though I don’t regret any of what I’ve experienced in this life, if I had the chance to do all of my adult life over again, I would for certain listen to the “ole heads” that tried to school me on the financial side of life.

So as the official Auntie of the dfree® Young Money crew, I’m passing the proverbial torch and sharing a few gems to get you started on the right foot!

1) Save some money! It’s not necessarily about the amount you save, but the habit you form by paying yourself first, always.

2) Start NOW! The earlier you start; the sooner compound interest becomes your boo! Interest on top of interest, over time…that is true commitment.

3) Retirement is where you REALLY want to be…invest in your future, non-working self, TODAY! Though you’re just starting out, believe me, you will set your sights on a yacht and a convertible sooner than you think. Work is not for the faint of heart, and it’s not something that you’ll want to do forever. So do your future self a favor…plan and pay for your retirement life by investing NOW!

4) Trends come and go, but YOU will always be you unless you consciously do something to change! This may seem inconsequential, but spend time understanding yourself at each stage of your life. Evaluate everything from your habits, your happiness, your mindset, your style, your relationships, and your money moves. I didn’t start learning about money when I was born, but I picked up my money moves very early on in life. The shoe/purse lover that I became as an adult was the purse-toting, every Saturday shopping child I was accompanying my grandmother. Be conscious of what you’ve inherited/adopted unknowingly and challenge yourself to do things differently if necessary.

5) Build your empire but count the cost of every brick! Consider the financial implications of every move you make. This doesn’t mean that you only focus on the money, but you cannot afford to turn a blind eye to it either. Ask yourself, what does this mean for me now? How is it going to affect me later? Is this really worth it? Do this for everything and you’ll remain conscious of your financial life, even as you get into adult living!

6) Bonus…

a. Coupons, Groupons, and Discount Codes…use them!

b. Share! Most subscription services allow for 2-4 devices per account. Get into it!

c. Use all your employment benefits. Health insurance, retirement planning, tuition reimbursement, free gym memberships, discount passes, training certifications, networking, your paycheck…use it all for your benefit!

d. Uber and Lyft work both ways…if you aren’t riding…consider driving!!! Extra cash has never hurt anyone.

e. Cash in on your natural gifts! If you can make it or do it, sell it!

I know I just dumped a lot on you, but I wouldn’t be Auntie T, if I didn’t!

Remember, before you get too far away from the toybox, be sure you’re ready to truly put away childish things. Jumping into the deep end of “adulting” may seem like the most awesome thing to do when you’re young but set yourself up with the right equipment so you can float, swim, and truly enjoy the experience!

There is so much more to come from the dfree® Young Money initiative. Auntie encourages you to follow @mydfree and join the movement!

Until next time, have a great day!!!

Big hugs and best wishes,

TS aka Auntie T

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