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Thanks for your interest in joining the dfree® and MoneyLion community!

My name is Anscia, and I’m part of the MoneyLion family. As a recent graduate and new homeowner, I really value the financial tools I’ve received from my MoneyLion membership.

When I finished up my master’s program, got married, and moved all the way across the country to California two years ago, I had to figure out a financial game plan with my husband in a hurry. More than ever, I needed ways to keep my finances in check.

I not only started working at MoneyLion at this time, but I also started using the MoneyLion app to monitor my credit score, alert me when I’m spending too much, and provide me with financial literacy content. MoneyLion was the personal finance app that I needed!

Recently, after a year of renting, my husband and I decided to chase a wild dream — buy a house in the Bay Area. We had saved up for a down payment and monitored our credit scores using the app to prepare us to get the best interest rate on our mortgage. After months of searching, my husband and I purchased a 3-bedroom and 2.5 bathroom home with a backyard for our puppy to play in!

I also really enjoy my MoneyLion Visa Debit Card. I can earn cashback and rewards to spend on date nights with my husband or snacks for my puppy. Even after the purchase of our home, we’re still saving for our future. MoneyLion is continuing to help my family create healthy financial habits, which is our new lifestyle, especially when the world is moving pretty fast.

I hope you’ll enjoy MoneyLion membership benefits as much as I do. MoneyLion is honored to partner with dfree® to provide financial tools that empower you to attain your dreams, whether that’s homeownership, building generational wealth, or something unique to you.

There’s an entire community here rooting for you to join America’s most powerful financial membership today and start investing in you! Here We Roar.

Join the dfree® MoneyLion community today!

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