dfree® Loyalty Program

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence.”
~ Colin Powell

It’s time to reward your loyalty and dedication. The new dfree® Loyalty Program let’s you earn cash and other benefits once you’re a Loyal member. Join as dfree®: Friends, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Certified Trainers or Ambassadors. While each level has different requirements, the loyalty foundation includes completing three phases that you’ve probably already completed or are working toward!

A few of the benefits of connecting and staying connected…

  • Exclusive offers and discounts from dfree® sponsors
  • Free financial consultations through Prudential
  • Chase insights on how to negotiate the purchase of your next car, and more
  • Exclusive video financial tips
  • Ideas for launching dfree®, marketing dfree® and sustaining enthusiasm about dfree®.
  • Shorts from the book
  • Ability to publicize your classes on the dfree® Calendar of Events with Registration Opportunities or “Contact Us to Learn More” – all of which is viewable on all platforms, press releases and marketing materials
  • Social Media access (Shared platform for community building)
  • Early notification of dfree® events
  • Engagement tools so that you can increase audience awareness on both the local and national level. The people in your congregation and surrounding neighborhood will know what classes are scheduled and when to attend.
  • Tools to increase traffic to your organization’s website, which will help your in-house and local marketing campaigns.

How the dfree® Loyalty Program works:

  • Phase 1: You or your organization shows interest in dfree®
  • Phase 2: You or your organization hold(s) its first dfree® class
  • Phase 3: You or your organization becomes part of the dfree® Lifestyle – your organization has delivered a complete set of 12 classes and is registering people from inside of and outside of your congregation and community.

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Loyalty members receive certificates, confirming they are a dfree® certified church or organization

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Platinum, Certified Trainers or Ambassadors: