Celebrating 15 Years of 2020 Vision

In already unprecedented times, the state of Black America has seen major turmoil in the last few months. Between two national crises, COVID-19 and the current horrific racial injustices, time has never been more crucial for real change. One thing that continues to become more obvious is that true help will not come from the outside. We must be the change we wish to see. Real social justice is impossible without economic empowerment! As a result, urban community development leader Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr. and the dfree® Financial Freedom Movement will host a national virtual conference on July 24th, 2020 to bring forth tangible strategy and solutions for the financial progression of African Americans.

What is dfree®: From Crisis to Clarity?
Financial Freedom & The Fight for Social Justice

Financial freedom is Black power! Being “in the black” is more than looking great on paper. It’s a state of mind and way of life freed from debt, liberated from lack and equipped with the financial power necessary to fuel the fight for social justice. We are fighting for our lives! We are fighting for our future – the future of our families, the future of our communities, the future of our people. dfree® has the keys to a life of fulfillment, flexibility and freedom. Unlock your power. Get in the Black.

What to expect:

The revolution will be televised! Join us for power-packed panels and discussions featuring change agents in the Black community, solid steps to begin or continue your journey toward financial freedom including access to free dfree® classes and curriculum, resources and tools to help you achieve your financial goals and more!

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  • And More to Come!

We’re celebrating 15 years of 2020 vision!


Opening Session with Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr.

This year, dfree® is celebrating 15 years of our financial freedom revolution – committed service to people in need of inspiration, information, and tangible solutions for financial relief, rebuilding, and ultimately generational wealth creation.  Along with a very special guest, Dr. Soaries will commemorate this special occasion by looking at how far dfree® has come, how far and wide our reach has been and how many people we’ve been able to help say yes to no debt!


Divine 9 & dfree®: Leading with Letters

This session will analyze the role and importance of economic development currently and historically amongst sororities and fraternities. Attendees will be able to understand how dfree® has been a key strategy and how the utilization of dfree® programming such as the Billion Dollar Challenge has created financial stability amongst organization members and their families. Panelists will put into perspective how financial freedom is
the answer to our current frustrations.

Pastors & Leaders: Progress from the Pulpit

dfree® Pastors and Leaders will provide testimonies on how churches have been pivotal to the African American community and how their success with dfree® has helped to contribute to the financial wellness of the church community both internally and externally.


For Us, By Us: Making an Impact with dfree®

During this session, attendees will hear personal stories and best practices on how individuals have been able to “flip the script” from being in debt to changing their lifestyles and mindsets to set themselves up for positive financial lives – obtaining deeds, dividends and deposits. Attendees will understand how entrepreneurship, multiple streams of income, credit and investments can all be tools used to obtain financial freedom.


Black Lives Matter: Will the Revolution be Television?

dfree® goes deep with change agents in the Black media space, discussing civil rights in the 21st century. Why are we here again and how can our own media platforms and journalists help to amplify and extend our voices? This session will breakdown the need for strategic approaches and support of Black media while keeping us all accountable.


dfree® Money Talk:  Solutions for Tomorrow

Here, attendees will hear from the dfree® team on our new and next strategies, tools and resources for the optimal path to financial freedom.



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From a single ministry created and led by Dr. Soaries, now in our 15th year, dfree® has grown into a global grassroots movement, led by a dynamic core team, and supported by fellow clergy, community, and lay-person leaders around the globe. To date, we have:

  • Transformed the lives of more than 100,000 people
  • Served 4,000+ churches/organizations from across the country
  • Helped 10,000 people to pay down more than $24M in debt;
  • Awarded more than $20,000 in debt paydown prizes and scholarships; and
  • Provided dfree® resources to people in Haiti, Jamaica, Ghana, and South Africa.
  • And, we’ve done all of that for FREE!

Level 4 of dfree® encourages us to not only share what we’ve learned but also to give to causes that we believe in. Along with your conference registration, we invite you to consider donating to the dfree® Global Foundation so that others may experience the life changing financial transformation that so many people and organizations have as a result of working with us. Not only is your donation tax-deductible, but it will also be matched by our philanthropic partner. So, your contribution will go a long way!