March 12, 2021 by Dfree Admin

By Tamika Stembridge

Executive Director, dfree® Global Foundation, Inc.


Happy Black History Month! Be sure to follow @mydfree and I (@TheFreeBlackGirl) for 28 days of Free Black Brilliance where we’ll be highlighting incredible men, women, and young people from around the African diaspora who exhibit brilliance, excellence, and beyond for our people!


As we’re in the midst of a very revolutionary period for Black America, I want to challenge you as you start or continue along your Journey to Financial Freedom™…to do it “FOR THE LOVE!” dfree® is on the battleground for our financial evolvement as a people, knowing that our social justice is impossible without economic empowerment!


So often, we are encouraged to pursue financial wellness for our own well-being, but that is only the beginning. Yes, I want to be financially “secure” for my own good, because I’m no good to anyone or anything if I’m no good to myself. However, I get tremendous joy when I think about what I can do for the people and causes that I love once my house is in order.


I recently met with my Financial Advisor. During our meeting, I confessed that:


1) I needed to (re)jumpstart my retirement savings due to several career changes with a few financial flat-lines;


2) My vision for retirement is “simple,” for the most part, but my definition of simple tends to involve elements of grand flair;


3) I now have a child and own a home;


4) I love my alma maters (#PlainfieldHigh, #Spelman, and #Rutgers), my church (#FBCLG), my hometown, and helping ambitious young people; and,


5) My biggest concern was being able to leave my family in better financial position when I die.


Now, as morbid as that last confession may seem, I was overjoyed when we were able to identify a few product combinations that would allow me to address all of my personal goals and concerns for less than the cost of my monthly Target / TJ Maxx runs.


For the first time in a long time, I felt relieved to sign my name, jot down my bank information, and spend (well, invest) money on what I LOVE without the guilt of potential morning-after regret.


(My fellow shoppers understand exactly what I mean. Cue the inner “Lord, why did I do that?!? I am so out of control. Did I really need that?!? I must do better!”)


I made a financial decision and took a few simple steps FOR THE LOVE of myself, my future, my family, and my beloved community. And guess what?!? It felt sooooo good!


So, as embark on this new month, I challenge you to think about what you can do FOR THE LOVE. It may not be an insurance policy, but maybe you can increase your 401K contributions, add a little extra to your savings account, or open an account for your kids.


It may be investing in yourself by taking the all-new dfree® Academy 12-step financial lifestyle course to equip yourself with the tools you need to achieve financial freedom! Our dfree® curriculum, now offered completely online and accessible from virtually anywhere, offers users strategy, tools and resources for managing debt and credit, building an emergency fund, leaving a legacy, building wealth through investments, and more!


Join us in this new blended learning environment to get your financial lives in order. Think about it and learn more at

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