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Dear Fall…Don’t Miss Me: Tips for Making Your Dollars Stretch The Extra Mile This Fall

Tamika Stembridge, Esq.

Date: Oct. 29, 2019


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Last fall for me was all about staycations, selling stuff, and saving the proceeds. While these things are still very appropriate as one makes their way to financial wellness, I’m looking forward to being much more active this year.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m just as committed to stretching my coins as I am about stretching my social calendar, so here goes… Tamika’s Tips for a memorable fall while managing your money!

Less is More

The temperatures are dropping so it takes a lot more to do the most when it comes to fashion and style. With the fall social scene heating up, it can be very easy to click and ship, snag and swipe, and grab and go every time you get ready to head out. Believe me, this way of life is a one-way trip to seasonal sadness for your bank account. Give your wallet a break and your closet some room to breathe. Pick your fave pieces and style around them.

“Pool” Your Resources

Literally. I love a good afternoon at the pool, but tolls, parking, admission, private memberships, cabana fees, towel rentals, etc. can add up. I made it a point this year to be strategic about my water-wandering ways. My friends and I have agreed to never go at it alone. We always invite at least a plus one when we visit the pool club, and we carpool if we’re headed “down the shore.” Also, the super friends that have pool access with their apartment, condo, or community have already agreed to be the designated hosts for gatherings. We bring the food and other amenities in exchange!

Speaking of food…

What’s Cookin’?!?

Or should I say, “Who’s cookin’?” If you’re anything like me, you lovvvvve a good meal, especially one that someone else is serving, preferably on a rooftop deck, an umbrella’d patio, or in a cozy, heated oasis. But let’s face it, one too many mornings, afternoons, or nights on the town can wreak havoc on your wallet. As a first line of defense, scope out all of the restaurant weeks, happy hour discounts, and holiday specials you can find. Check your budget, mark your calendar, and make your way. Should the deals run dry, there’s nothing like a good ole gathering of friends at someone’s home. Prep or purchase a dish, prep your favorite playlist, and make a party out of potluck!

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Tamika Stembridge, Esq. is the executive director of dfree® Global Foundation, an organization dedicated to the wellness of the African American community.

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