March 26, 2018 by Administrator

31-Day Makeover Day #26 – Personal Mission Statement

Every great company or organization has a mission statement. This is a brief statement – usually no more than a few sentences – that succinctly describes its purpose for existing and what it seeks to accomplish. This statement functions as a guide for all corporate or organizational activities and explains why any particular task is being performed.

The best advice I ever received was to write a mission statement for my life. It is fine to have goals that commit our lives to certain outcomes by certain dates. But those goals exist within the context of our life’s mission.

This is not as easy to do as it sounds. And the exact words may be amended or refined as the years pass. But being able to describe our lives in a few words can be one of the greatest accomplishments we may ever achieve.

What is your life’s mission?

Action item: Try to write a personal mission statement in 25 words or less.