February 12, 2018 by Administrator

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Nearly three-quarters of all African Americans and a substantial portion of the rest of the population plan to see the Black Panther movie that marks the theatrical debut of the first black superhero in mainstream comics. Of course we want to see a beautiful black cast in an utopian paradise that can infuse us all with great energy and pride. Who doesn’t want to live in Wakanda?

So whether you’re a Black Panther, Black Lightning, Blade, Spawn, Luke Cage or Misty Knight fan or whether you still remember Eartha Kitt slinking across your small television screen as Catwoman, escapism has its purpose — as long as we don’t get lost there.

More than anything else, what needs to be on our minds as black people is Black Freedom. What we need to be reminded is that it doesn’t take super powers to change our state of mind and change our lifestyles. It takes super commitment. It takes the willingness to focus on our problems and take the first steps on a journey to end them.

Financial struggles remain one of the greatest challenges of our time. Yet it is entirely within our power to change our financial status. We can become disciplined enough to budget and pay our bills on time. We can become focused enough to take our God-given talents and skills and turn them into lucrative businesses.

Yes, we continue to face racism, discrimination and other injustices – but we must control what we can control. We can’t wait for a hero on a white horse or in a black, vibranium-laced outfit to swoop in and save us.

While you are riding the hope and hype of the Black Panther high, take a minute to find the real super hero inside. Take even longer to connect or reconnect with the true power of this universe and learn more about how God intends for your life to be lived in freedom. Let’s put in the effort now to create Black Freedom so that our joy doesn’t have to live in fantasy.