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Financial freedom is closer than ever now that you’ve found dfree®. By joining this movement you’re making a choice to grow from debt, delinquencies and deficits to a position of power where you can better protect your loved ones, create a legacy and contribute to others. We know that thinking about your finances can be overwhelming so we’ve created the tools and support you need to get started now.


The dfree® program can be done alone, in groups or online through the dfree® Academy — always at the right pace for you. We have: expert tips, videos, guides and books that help you see how easy it can be to get control of your finances and then stay in control.


Connect with others to get ahead by attending dfree® events, participating in dfree® Connect social media, and learning about local support groups and other networking opportunities. One of the most comforting discoveries in your dfree® experience is finding out just how many others share similar circumstances yet have joined this movement to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of so many others.


As part of the dfree® movement, you’ll benefit from the national network of dfree® partners and resources at your disposal. dfree® also has a growing international component. Ultimately, dfree® will enable you to enjoy the great benefits of giving back to your community and others. If you are ready to make a donation or to become a dfree® sponsor so that more people can participate in dfree®, we’re ready to partner with you.


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Regional Conference, Detroit

June 2-3 th

Billion Dollar Challenge Kick-off Campaign

October 18-28 th